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Is uncontested divorce right for you?

Many couples have turned to uncontested divorce as the simplest and least upsetting way to end a marriage. There are several reasons for this:

They are much less expensive than conventional divorces. They are more private, avoiding the spotlight of the court. They're fast because there are no difficult issues to resolve. People have already resolved such issues as:

Uncontested divorce 101: How does it work?

You thought marriage would be a time to settle down and establish your life with the person you loved. However, you quickly discovered that your relationship just wasn't going to work. Your relationship troubles meant the wheels of progress on big life goals like having children, buying a house or saving for retirement haven't quite met the road yet. All you know is that it's time for a split. Is there an easy way out?

Uncontested divorce provides a streamlined process for couples

Your idea of divorce could be climactic courtroom battles and bitter fights at home, but that is not always the case. If you are willing to work together with your spouse, an uncontested divorce may be the right way to end your marriage. When is this process a good idea?