FAQs About Child Custody And Visitation

Does The Law Favor Mothers Over Fathers?

No. The court will consider the best interest of a child in custody and visitation matters. However, in the state of Tennessee, a child that is born to an unwed mother is born into that mother's care and control. That means that the father can only see or visit with the child if the mother agrees to the visitation. The father must pursue a court order in order to get specific visitation rights.

When Can Visitation Be Denied To A Parent?

Issues of neglect can impact visitation if one parent can prove the other is unfit or unable to provide for children.

Do Grandparents In Tennessee Have Visitation Rights?

In certain situations, grandparents of a child can be given specific court-ordered grandparent visitation rights. Generally, the grandparents must have an existing relationship with the child that a biological parent is now opposing or preventing.

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