What Are The Advantages Of Agreed Divorce?

An obvious benefit of divorcing your spouse under agreed-upon terms is the cost-savings.

Some people let their emotions drive their divorce case, which is rarely the best outcome for either of the parties involved. At The Law Office of Joseph H. White, Jr., the firm strives to help couples find amicable relationships after divorce. In an agreed divorce, it not only saves time and money, but the high-intensity and stress-inducing cost of conflict.

Do you want more control in the outcome of your divorce? Then an agreed divorce could be the answer. Often, contested divorces can lead to the outcome of your case being left in the hands of a judge. Mr. White can help you determine whether it would beneficial to get to a point in your relationship where you can talk through the division of marital assets, child custody and other matters. If so, it could be truly worthwhile for both parties.

An uncontested divorce also can lead to a better relationship in the long run for both parties, who are less likely to feel bitter after the divorce ends if you can reach an agreement.


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