Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

Adoption is the process in which you create a legal parent-child relationship.

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How Does A Stepparent Adoption Work?

To do this, the biological parent's rights must be terminated. The parental rights of the other biological parent remain unchanged. Stepparent adoptions can either be agreed or contested. Once the parent consents to the termination, the adoption is easily finalized.

A contested adoption involves a judge determining that the parent's rights should be terminated.

What If The Biological Parent Contests The Adoption?

The parent has 30 days to respond receiving termination papers. If there is a response, a hearing must be held in front of a judge to determine if termination is appropriate. This is usually based on the grounds of abandonment of the child by the parent. If there is no response, termination is done by default.

What Are Grounds For Terminating A Parent's Rights?

Abandonment, when means the parent does not financially support the child or visit. The failure to visit or pay support for four months prior to an adoption petition is considered abandonment. The most common and most often used ground is abandonment, but other grounds could exist.

What Happens When A Relative Adopts A Child?

A relative adoption is very similar to a stepparent adoption because of the existing family relationship. The difference is that both parents' rights are terminated.

Like stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions can either be by agreed or contested by one or both biological parents.

Can I Adopt An Adult?

Adult adoptions involve an individual 18 or older. Maybe you raised your stepchild, a grandchild, or a niece or nephew, but you never adopted them. Or you may be the person seeking to be adopted and you want your grandparent, aunt, uncle or someone else to be your legal parent.

How Much Does An Adoption Cost?

The Law Office of Joseph H. White, Jr., offers agreed stepparent adoptions (where the parent consents to a termination of rights), relative adoptions and adult adoptions at a flat rate of $750 plus filing fees.

Please note that if there are multiple children to be adopted, each child is an additional $500 fee and filing fee.

For contested stepparent adoptions (where the parent does not consent to a termination of rights), Mr. White charges by the hour and a $2500 retainer is required.

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